Contrivian Lighthouse™

Business users demand the highest performance from their connectivity. Downtime and poor performance impact productivity.

Contrivian's answer to this is our Lighthouse technology. A mesh of strategically-located internet beacons (the "Lighthouses") serve as fixed points that our Access Gateways measure performance to.

Each Lighthouse location is chosen for its proximity to business applications and cloud providers. Having multiple internet connections means the Gateway can measure performance to those popular destinations over each connection, selecting the one with the best performance on a per-destination basis.

Contrivian North Star™

Visibility into the status and health of services is paramount to our mission. Carriers talk about being proactive -- but rarely are. The Contrivian Access Gateway at every customer location constantly reports back to our Network Operations Center and North Star platform, providing insight into the performance of our solutions.

But more than that, this unique portal provides insight into the entire lifecycle of a solution. From design, to delivery, monitoring and support, view your entire network at-a-glance.

Multi-Access Internet

Mission-critical connectivity requires having multiple, diverse ways to get to your destination. The Contrivian solution works with all forms of access, whether dedicated fiber, business broadband, wireless and satellite solutions, combining them into a single service that's always up.

This approach works jointly with the Lighthouse technology, identifying better-performing paths and routing traffic accordingly.

Each customer location has circuits and access mediums selected and sized for its specific requirements.

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