Our Mission

Contrivian was founded with a simple mission: transform how enterprise organizations procure and utilize connectivity services. We want to radically change the experience of working with a communication provider and make it a great one:

  • Instant, self-service design and quoting
  • A single provider worldwide
  • Complete transparency into the entire lifecycle
  • Real-time health and performance monitoring, globally
  • Proactive support
  • Single source of truth portal


Our founding team has spent decades in the telecommunications industry and experienced the challenges first-hand. Some of the problems we are fixing:

  • Slow, manual design and quoting
  • Multiple vendors depending on geography
  • Lack of visibility into installation status
  • Different service types from different providers
  • Multiple escalation processes
  • Poor, reactive customer support
  • Multiple tools and portals to manage

Core Values


Honesty is the bedrock of everything we do, amongst our team and with partners and customers. We believe that radical transparency leads to better results, no matter the situation.


We hate surprises, and know you do too. We aim to deliver exactly what we promise, every time.


A successful business is one that creates value. We believe that we can create a great experience for our customers while creating value for everyone, from customers to partners and our team members.

Making connectivity great.

The Contrivian Team