North Starâ„¢

Redefining the customer experience for communications services.

End-to-end lifecycle management: configure, quote, order, deliver, monitor, and manage – all at your fingertips.

At-a-glance view of global service health and performance metrics.

Connectivity services made available the way they should be.

Contrivian North Star
North Star - Price Query

Configure Service

North Star's step-by-step wizard takes key service requirements (bandwidth, IP configuration, handoff type, routing configuration, access type) and commercial terms to configure and design a service. Or upload a file with multiple locations and service parameters for multiple services.

Address input and validation matches service availability to millions of building locations worldwide.

Service Options and Pricing

The North Star system designs solutions according to input requirements, searching thousands of local providers in hundreds of countries.

Results are returned in minutes, presented in an easy-to-read matrix, allowing for quick comparisons and sorting based on various characteristics. When you've found the right solution at the right price, a single click starts the ordering process.

Track Order Progress

Gone are the days of conference calls and spreadsheets to track progress of orders. The North Star order management dashboard provides a real-time view of activities and progress.

Milestones are presented without telco jargon, so you know exactly what to expect and when.

Service Inventory

Once installed, a complete service inventory stores all relevant information, including key configuration information, with support available 24x7. Sort and manage large service estates via North Star - no spreadsheets required.

Contrivian North Star - Network Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Behind North Star sits a powerful network monitoring and telemetry streaming platform. Real-time performance metrics (throughput, latency, jitter, packet loss) are monitored and made available in easy-to-read graphs.

Potential service issues are detected proactively, raising tickets for our support team to address with no customer action required.


The Contrivian support team monitors customer services 24x7 from around the world. We're available anytime, via phone, email, or the North Star portal. Receive timely updates via whatever method you find most convenient.

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