Internet Access: Redefined

Service for the demands of today’s modern enterprise.

Global Service

Contrivian provides internet access services in most countries around the world. We leverage the very best providers in each region, learning how each works so you don't have to. For organizations with presence in multiple regions, this simplifies managing your connectivity services.

Unlike other providers, we aren't tied to any specific network. Contrivian chooses the best available.

Ultimate Reliability

Our solutions combine multiple forms of internet access technologies to provide the highest available reliability. Mix-and-match technologies and speeds to find the right level of redundancy, cost, and performance for each location.

Solutions typically include a mix of traditional Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), business Broadband, fixed wireless, 5G / LTE wireless services, and LEO Satellite. When outages happen with one, your users aren't impacted.

Ultimate Performance

The secret to our service is our Lighthouseâ„¢ technology. The Contrivian Access Gateway (CAG) is deployed at your location, connected to whatever internet access services have been provisioned. This Gateway measures the performance to strategically-located "beacons" that tell it how each connection is performing.

As your users connect to different SaaS applications, SD-WAN gateways, or cloud services, the CAG is constantly adjusting traffic to the best-performing available path to their destinations. This helps ensure the best possible experience, whether browsing static pages or participating in video conferencing.

Complete Visibility

No more juggling different portals and tools. The Contrivian North Starâ„¢ portal provides complete end-to-end visibility of the connectivity lifecycle. Starting with designing and pricing new services, ordering them, and viewing the status of installations; then monitoring the health and performance of your entire network at-a-glance.

The Contrivian portal allows you to know what's going on - anytime, from anywhere, for your entire business.

Single Point of Contact

There are thousands of telecom providers in the world. Each has its own way of doing things, its own processes, technical nuances, modes of interaction. Contrivian simplifies this by serving as a single point of contact for the entire lifecycle, start to finish.

Contrivian is your one global partner for enterprise connectivity.

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