Global Private Networking

Dedicated connectivity connecting your business locations and data centers.

Dedicated - Secure

Designed for high-bandwidth requirements, dedicated circuits provide layer 2 Ethernet connectivity between two or more locations anywhere in the world. Often connecting headquarter locations to data centers or cloud regions, dedicated circuits provide the highest amount of capacity and security available.

Available capacities range from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps and beyond.

Redundancy - Diversity

Dedicated circuits are a single point of failure. By mapping physical fiber routes, Contrivian engineers can create completely diverse access solutions, providing multiple building entrances and non-overlapping routes so that fiber cuts don't impact your critical connectivity.

In addition, our engineering team can help use other access technologies to create backup means of connectivity, typically with an overlay networking component.

Complete Visibility

No more juggling different portals and tools. The Contrivian North Starâ„¢ portal provides complete end-to-end visibility of the connectivity lifecycle. Starting with designing and pricing new services, ordering them, and viewing the status of installations; then monitoring the health and performance of your entire network at-a-glance.

The Contrivian portal allows you to know what's going on - anytime, from anywhere, for your entire business.

Single Point of Contact

There are thousands of telecom providers in the world. Each has its own way of doing things, its own processes, technical nuances, modes of interaction. Contrivian simplifies this by serving as a single point of contact for the entire lifecycle, start to finish. Point to point connectivity between regions often involves multiple last-mile providers.

Contrivian is your one global partner for enterprise connectivity.

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