Connectivity for when it really matters.

Today’s businesses and their people need to stay well-connected, from anywhere, all the time.

Technology makes the difference.

Contrivian Lighthouse™

Just as a lighthouse helps sailors avoid danger, our network of beacons around the internet enable our Customer Access Gateways to measure the performance of available routes to destinations like critical SaaS applications or cloud providers.

Contrivian North Star™

Navigate the entire lifecycle of enterprise connectivity, from design, pricing, provisioning, monitoring, managing and supporting -- all from a single point of light we call North Star™, our client portal providing unprecedented visibility.

Multi-Access Internet

Outages happen. That's why we deploy multiple forms of access wherever possible, including Dedicated Internet Access, Broadband, Wireless, and Satellite. But it's about more than just redundancy; our Lighthouse technology means traffic can take the best-performing path.

The solution.

Contrivian offers network services to global enterprises that rely on connectivity.

Global Internet

Combining multiple internet access types with the Lighthouse performance routing technology provides performance and reliability, anywhere your business needs it.

Private Networking

Connect your global locations with private connectivity, using dedicated Ethernet circuits or virtual private networking over other forms of connectivity.

Network Management

Our team of engineers, technicians, and 24x7 Network Operations Center are available to support your business connectivity so you can focus on what matters.

Why Contrivian?


Our team is built on decades of experience in telecom. We've seen it all... and we want to use that experience to help our clients focus on their business.

Single Source

No more juggling multiple vendors. Look to Contrivian to be your single source of truth and support, the way a true partner should be.

Outstanding Support

Our experience has left us underwhelmed with the support provided by most connectivity providers. Our mission is to redefine what "industry standard" means for our customers.


The combination of these things means you can focus on what matters most: your own business. We take this seriously.

Case study: new network for global manufacturer

This Fortune 1000 company was looking to replace its expensive, inflexible MPLS network with SD-WAN. But internet inconsistencies in remote locations presented a challenge. Find out how Contrivian solved this problem.

Our clients say...

"Contrivian really delivers on their promise of making our connectivity services great and supporting us well." -VP of IT, Healthcare provider
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"I didn't know what I was missing until I experienced the Lighthouse-powered performance routing Contrivian has created. Very impressive." -CIO at global banking institution
Client Name
"I couldn't find good connectivity at some of our remote locations. Lots of trial and error. Contrivian solved it for us with their CAG/Lighthouse technology and I'm never going back." -Factory manager
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